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Histamine Reaction

What is it?  First off, experiencing a histamine reaction does not mean that you are allergic to the wax or sugar product. Creating histamine is one way the body protects itself against the stress of a perceived attack.

A histamine reaction is easily identified by a rash that
presents itself as welts or bumps. This reaction may happen immediately after your wax or sugar. Histamine is very helpful and it works by enlarging the blood vessels and making the easier to penetrate. The body then swells and protects the affected area. It is the increase in size of the blood vessels that also additionally creates erythema, which is reddening of the skin.

How long does it last? Histamine reactions generally only last a few hours.

How to treat it? Not everyone will experience a histamine reaction, but if you do, it has been our experience that it can be treated either with an antihistamine cream (such as Benadryl) or by taking an antihistamine orally before your wax.  We have learned that if an antihistamine cream is applied directly after treatment, the discomfort can be greatly reduced. Feel free to bring the cream with you to your appointment and have the aesthetician apply it. If you are someone who seeks a more natural approach, Lavender is an essential oil with anti inflammatory properties, and it’s gentle enough that it can be applied to the skin.

Please be advised that the more consistent you are with your waxing regimen, the less likely you'll be to experience histamine reactions

Possible skin reactions from
Sugaring and Waxing

During the hair removal process, our bodies experience a certain level of trauma. Don’t let that scare you! The results that we get from waxing are worth it. We are damaging the hair follicles, causing hair to grow back slower.  The stress that hair removal can induce on your body may occasionally cause some different reactions to the skin. 

Extreme skin reactions from waxing or sugaring  are not common, but they do happen, and we should know what to expect and how to treat them. Sugar Me Wax’s aestheticians are highly trained in skin care treatment and know what to do in the case of a reaction.   

Should you have a reaction of any sort, it is important to call or text immediately and we will educate you to know exactly what to do.

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