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Sugaring vs Waxing

  • Wax is often made with harsh chemicals, fragrances and ingredients that tend to irritate and inflame the skin.

  • Wax undergoes a hot liquefying process which increases the likelihood of burning the skin.

  • Waxing removes a live layer of skin cells leaving the skin hyper sensitive and often raw after a treatment.

  • Hair is removed in the opposite direction of growth which creates a snapping effect which can lead to breakage and ingrown hairs.

  • It’s recommended to have at least four to six weeks weeks of hair growth before being waxed.

  • Wax is not water-soluble and needs to be removed with wax remover, petroleum jelly or baby oil.

  • Bacteria breeds in the wax pots and double dipping in the wax jar is extremely common and highly unsanitary.

  • Sugaring is made with 100% organic ingredients: Lemon, sugar and water.

  • Sugaring paste is lukewarm and soothing to the skin.

  • Sugaring paste is a natural exfoliant that removes dead skin cells and can even make the appearance of tattoos more vibrant.

  • Sugar paste seeps into the follicle fully removing the hair. This process avoids breakage and in grown hairs.

  • After receiving consistent sugaring treatments the hair follicle begins to deplete making hair growth more refined after each service.

  • The depletion of the hair follicles can potentially lead to permanency.

  • Sugaring can extract hairs as short as 1/16" when receiving consistent sugaring treatments.

  • Sugaring is water-soluble making unwanted residue on your skin or clothing easily removable.

  • Sugaring’s natural ingredients are not only beneficial to the skin but to the environment as well.

  • Bacteria will not breed in the sugar solution and unsanitary double dipping is not an option.

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